C and the dot net core are the future of the software industry

Dot Net

Dot net core is the best developer tool and the demand for the dot net and c# programming language are expected to keep moving upward from the year 2018. Among the top five most demanded technologies C# holds the second position. Java, C, C++, C#, and python are the top five languages widely used all over the world. Join the DOT NET Training in Chennai to get your dream job in the software industry.


As like the c, java, and javascript, the syntax of the C# is very similar. It is easy to learn the other programming languages if you learn c or java. After learning the .Net Training in Chennai experienced professionals receive salary hikes and experience potential growth.

Job opportunities

C# and dot net both are the versatile programming languages. It is used for the web application, desktop application, mobile application and server application. There are so many best DOT NET Training Institute in Chennai to provide in-depth knowledge in dot net. Xamarine is used for the mobile application in the dot net core language. Client-side libraries make use of bootstrap layouts and NPM for Dot net core templates. It supports MS Azure and easies to deploy in the cloud. So, learning dot net widens your opportunities in the web development, mobile development and to use in the cloud environment.

Constant change in the technology

C language and dot net are evolving in the software industry for the past 15 years. Dot net is constantly bringing improvements in the language like MVC, generics, LINQ, async and await pattern. The features in the dot net core increased its demand in the variety of application. dot net core is strongly typed, good support from the robust libraries, the pattern is async/await, garbage collection, automatic memory management, LINQ, usage of generics, share binaries with multiple cross platforms, and it is used for the MVC web apps and restful API’s. .Net Coaching Centre in Chennai provides flexible timing for the students and working professionals.


Dot net supports many features like code completion, debugging, profiling, git integration unit testing, and much more. The text editor in the dot net core helps to write code as basic text files. It is possible to use the visual studio code in any operating system to run the code. There are huge open source and commercial tools integrated with the dot net language like ReSharper from JetBrains. The specifications and the availability of the tool in the dot net ecosystem made it the best programming language. .Net Course in Chennai is offered in two or three levels as basic and advanced level course.

Community support

As entity framework and MVC frameworks were the built-in frameworks in the dot net. It is easy for the developers to use the standard technology and technology with huge community support. There are some key libraries in dot net like JSON.Net which are widely used in many projects. The community support and standard quality enhance the usage of the language. Since dot net is open source language it is widely used for multiple projects.

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