Why it’s important to know English in the modern world

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1. English is the common language of the world:

There are a number of reasons why the English language is so important to communication in our time. First of all, English is a common second language in many places, even among people who don’t speak it as their first language. This means that when two people from different countries (like a Mexican and a Swede) want to talk to each other, they usually use English. I think everyone should learn the language so they can communicate with people around the world.

If you can speak English, you can talk to people from all over the world, not just those who speak English. This is true whether you’re travelling, going to work, or talking to people on social media. Want to Speak English fluently? Enroll in Spoken English Classes in Chennai for training, experts at FITA Academy guide you in a professional way. Best Spoken English Institute in Chennai supports Speak English fluently.

2. It’s the language used in universities:

English is also important in the education field. In many places, English is taught as a second language to kids and they are encouraged to learn it. Even in places like the Netherlands and Sweden, where English is not an official language, many science and engineering courses are taught in English. Also, most people think that English is the language of higher education. 

Many of the best universities in the world are taught in English. Since English is the most commonly used language in science and international research, most research studies in any scientific field will be written in English. At the university level, almost all subjects are taught in English in many countries. This is done to make the material easier to understand for students from other countries.

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3. People on the Internet and in the press like it:

Most websites on the web are written in English. Even sites that are written in other languages often let you translate them. Russian comes in second, but only about 6% of websites use it. So English is the clear winner on the internet, since more than half of the content is written in English. We’ve already talked about how the modern world of research and academia favours English, so it’s likely that even more of the educational content on the internet is written in English. 

4. It’s helpful to know English if you want to travel around the world:

 It’s easier to get around the world if you know how to talk in English. English is the most common language used by people from other countries, so if you know it, it’s easy to get help in many places around the world. After all, about one in five people can speak or understand English, which is not true of any other language. You can find out if this is true by looking at travel options online. Any site that lets you book travel will have English as a booking option.

It’s also a good language to know if you want to find your way around airports and other transportation hubs. Are you looking for the Online Speaking English Course? Enroll in FITA Academy to become a master in English by studying through online. Enquire now English speaking course in Chennai for course details.

5. It’s important for doing business abroad:

If you want to start a business, being good at English is likely to help. This is especially true if you work in the international sector or want the chance for your career to move from the local to the international level in the future. If you go to the offices of some private companies, government agencies, or even maths or engineering firms, you’ll notice that English is used most of the time.

Many big companies won’t hire professionals until they find out if they can speak English well. Companies that want to work on an international level often think that their employees are well educated only if they can speak, write, and read English fluently.

6. It’s how Hollywood talks:

Everyone knows that Hollywood is in the United States and that the biggest TV and music industries in the world are based there. UNESCO says that if you look at the languages used in the top 20 most popular movies of 2012, it’s clear that English is used more than any other language.

As I said before, watching TV and movies is a great way to practise English once you start to learn it. Also, if you know English, you can watch and play thousands of movies, TV shows, and games. English is even more important if you want to work in the entertainment business one day. Want to speak English fluently? Join Spoken English Class In Coimbatore to improve your communication skill. FITA Academy is the best Spoken English Institute in Coimbatore also  provides training to freshers and working professionals.

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