What Are The Signs For The Need Of A Hearing Aid

Need for the hearing aid

Partial deafness, difficulty hearing and muffled sounds are the common symptoms of hearing loss. But things may not be obvious sometimes. People miss focusing on smaller issues. It means that it is time for them to meet the audiologist in Chennai

The ringing sound in the ears:

Persistent ringing in the ears which is also known as tinnitus is a widespread medical condition that affects more than 15% of the population. Tinnitus has several other reasons but the main culprit is the hearing damage that often results in hearing loss for people. When damage is caused to the ears, the cells that pick up sounds also die. In the absence of sound, the brain picks up its own ringing sound. Dead cells have lost the ability to hear through them. Fewer cells are present which owe to hearing and tinnitus becomes very intense and causes a severe hearing loss. Find the best hearing aid centre in Chennai for treating it as early as possible. 

Ability to hear people but not able to understand them:

Mild hearing loss is found to be common these days. Among 6, one person tends to have a hearing loss. The numbers rise as we age. People overlook the symptoms and don’t pay attention to this type of hearing loss. People seem to live untreated for over 10 years. The common sign of a mild hearing loss is that people would be able to hear them but cannot understand what they really mean. The person might hear the noise, but if they feel that the speech is too fast, or they feel like they are talking in a different language or it is like they are too far away. It has become the practice to ask people to repeat quite often. 

When you had an accident or a head injury:

Sudden and violent head injuries that result from car accidents or a sudden blow in the head results in a hearing loss. The auditory pathway to the brain is damaged by the internal trauma that affects the way sound is received. The brain compensates for that kind of injury but taking a hearing test would help you understand it better. Finding the cause of hearing loss is always important. 

When you are not able to work where sounds are coming from:

The brain tends to figure out the direction of the sound but with a small time delay. This process doesn’t seem to work when you have a hearing loss. People with healthy hearing will have no problem finding the origin of the sound. If you are struggling to find out the origin of the sound, then it is a strong indicator that you need a hearing aid. The Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai have a variety of hearing aids for people of different ages. 


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