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At FITA Academy, we take pleasure in our multilingual education and all the advantages that come with speaking more than one language. Our English-French and Grammar courses give our students excellent future options. In our last article, we went into great length about the German classes in Chennai as well as the benefits of studying a foreign language. Let’s now discuss some benefits of studying the German language. 

A waypoint to powerful economies:

Studying in Germany could lead to employment in one of the planet’s most advanced and secure economies. Germany is among the top 10 import/export destinations for both the US and the UK, which are the other two economies with economies of global significance. It also has the biggest economy in Europe and the fourth-largest GDP in the world. In addition to such facts, German is the official tongue of Austria and Switzerland, two more significant European economies. Communicating with business partners from these nations will be extremely beneficial.

Having access to prestigious universities:

Germany’s universities are regarded as a benchmark for excellence worldwide, and graduating from one is unquestionably a sign of distinction. According to the 2011 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings, the country came in third. Six of the top 100 universities in the world based on the Academic Ranking of the World’s Universities were located in Germany in 2008. Along with quality, there is a well defined criteria that guarantees that graduate degrees are accredited in a particular way everywhere in the globe. Anywhere you travel, people will treat a bachelor’s, master’s, or Doctorate from a German university as such.

A high-end business language:

The Fortune 500 lists 29 German firms, which is a tie between France and Germany for the most on the list. In Berlin, a startup is launched every 20 minutes. In fact, learning German might boost one’s pay by 4%.

Numerous speakers:

German is the second most widely spoken language in Europe behind English, with 95 million native speakers. Additionally, another 10–15 million people speak German as just a second language globally. If you want to learn the best German Classes In Coimbatore, You need to do only one thing: join us. Once you got done your course, We will assist you by getting 100 % placement.

Simple for English speakers to learn:

German and English both share Proto-Germanic language roots. Numerous German words have been borrowed or modified into English. In actuality, the two languages share a few grammar rules. German should be significantly simpler to learn if you are a natural English speaker than just a Romance language such French or even a non-European language.

German is a very cultural language:

There has been a lot written in the German language, form novels to technical treatises, from operas to philosophical writings. By Learn German Online, you can take advantage of these cultural possibilities and increase your understanding of the world.

Cost-effective schooling:

Your child will have the chance to study in Germany because German universities require some German language proficiency. Comparatively speaking to other places where you could study abroad, both the cost of living & education in this nation is astronomically inexpensive. Imagine paying a little more 500 euros per month for rent a place in Berlin’s capital. If you reside somewhere outside of the larger cities, the cost is much lower. If you opt to send your kid to study at one of the many excellent public institutions in the country, you will spend a few hundred euro per semester. Numerous private programmes only cost just a few thousand euros yearly. This affordable education is available to both local and international students.

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