Reasons you should Learn Java Programming in 2018

Reasons you should Learn Java Programming in 2018

Numerous programmers are available in this world who are using various kinds of high-level programming languages in order to write the applications. Many software companies are developing several existing programming languages by investing a huge amount of money and their valuable time. Initially, Java has arrived in the year of 1996 on January month as version 1.0 with Oak Programming language as its name. Since then its popularity started increasing and now it is considered to be one of the most used important programming languages. As it is said to be an important language, you can take up the Java Training in Chennai. We can now discuss why java is so famous and why you must learn Java in 2018?

Java is so popular due to its flexibility and power. The latest version of Java, JDK 9 has many new features and improvements in this release. Some of the Major features of Java 9 include Module System, Collection Factory Methods, JShell, Linking, Improvements in Stream HTTP/2, API etc. Thus these improvements and changes provide better programming language which is used for the application development.

Java is Constantly Getting Better
Oracle and its community are working really hard to improve Java in order to support today’s trending application development. As JDK9 has many improvised features in the API, learning Java is actually good because it supports new features to meet the demands of the industry. Java is also useful for making Big Data applications. So if you would like to start your career with Big Data, then you must probably learn Java.

Java in High Demand
The availability of job opportunities and the industry fluctuation results in people learning any kind of programming languages in order to keep themselves updated with the recent technology. Java stands high in demand in the job market. Usage of Java includes developing applications for Finance, Banking, Mobile Web, Accounting, Social Network, and many other enterprise applications. Therefore its demand is said to be very high in the Job market.

Java – Fundamental Programming Language
Java is considered to be the object-oriented programming language which supports all the principles of OOPs. You should learn java as the fundamental programming language as a software developer. It is said to be the fundamental high-level object-oriented programming language. It is easy to learn other programming languages if you know Java. It teaches all the fundamentals of programming.

Java for Application Development
Java arrives with huge API collection for writing applications for desktop, server, demon application, terminal application, embedded and Android devices. Therefore Java is the top language for the development of various applications. So you must probably learn Java Course in Chennai.

Usage of Java
According to Oracle Java is powering about 3 million devices globally. Java permits the developers to build programs for servers, web applications, smartphones, embedded devices applications, ATMs, Set top box applications, enterprise applications, etc.

Decent salary in the Job Market
Java developers are getting a decent package in the job market. It is because most of the companies require java programmers with good skill sets. When compared to other developers, Java developers are getting high salary. Explore the good institutes and take up the Best Java Training in Chennai.

Hope this article gives good information about Java in future. Enroll now for the Java Training and enrich your knowledge in java for your career growth.

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