Main Tips On How To Prepare For UPSC Current Affairs

UPSC current affairs

The best sources for preparing UPSC current affairs are:

  • From the famous Newspaper – Latest is The Hindu and also The Indian Express
  • Magazines on monthly current affairs – civil services times, Economics and political weekly, Pratiyogita Darpan, Niti Aayog reports, etc
  • Internet – there are vast resources available on the internet
  • Finally, All India Radio

How to prepare:

Pay your full attention to issues and not on the entire news. One has to look more into news and headlines because in IAS exam the questions covered are the issues that are in the news. This is an important aspect to note for the current affairs preparation. Hence understand the issues and make a note of them. News is just the happened incident whereas issues are the ideas. Make a note of the following points on how to prepare. 

  • Focus on the reason – why it is covered in the news.
  • Gain background understanding – Mainly reports, facts, and data
  • Active status – Any actions taken so far?
  • Look for pros and cons
  • Advice/ suggestion – further action taken

Note making:

Practice making notes online or offline as it aids in quick revisions before the exams. Writing notes could come under two categories.

  • Topic-wise notes – Collect the information related to a single topic and store it in one place for quick revision.
  • Date-wise notes – Sorting is essential and ensuring to study from the daily notes.

Ensure that your notes are short and up to the point. Cover the important aspects of the topic and present it with a suitable solution to the issue as it is asked to write 250 words in the UPSC exam. Also make it a point to use flow charts, pointers, mindmaps in the answers. Make the concepts clear to understand by the examiner. One can also join in the IAS coaching in Chennai to achieve their dreams.

Focus on keywords:

Read the topic as many times as possible and try making short notes on it. By doing this one can identify the keywords perfectly. This is an important solution to be derived on answering the current affairs. While preparing for the exam, look for keywords as it is important for current affairs. Note down the keywords at a single place so that one can relate the keyword directly to the current topic of current affairs. 

Choose quality over quantity:

Research on the best source from the newspaper or any website. Read a lot and make notes before the exam. Do the research and decide on the sources wisely. Read everything that is needed from the exam point of view. Reading everything blindly would not help you.

Revise daily and try to execute them in your answers. This would definitely have an impact on the quality of answers you write. There are various Civil Services Coaching in Chennai are available that helps the aspirants in their preparation process. 

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