Job Roles and Salaries based on AWS Certification

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Job Roles and Salaries based on AWS Certification

The AWS Certification is chosen based on the needs and demands of the industry. It enables you to deploy reliable and secure applications on AWS successfully. Additionally, it assists you in choosing the best AWS service based on your data, computing, or security needs. AWS certifications give access to many of the highest-paying positions. It helps in overcoming the risks of unstable careers. There are several employment roles that you can apply for if you have an AWS certification. This blog will explore Job Roles and Salaries based on AWS Certification. If you want to become an expert in AWS, join AWS Training in Chennai at FITA Academy, which opens up several employment opportunities to achieve your dream goal.

After completing the AWS Certification training, you can do the following:

  • Create and implement fault-tolerant, scalable, and highly available systems on AWS.
  • Manage data incoming and outgoing too and from AWS effectively.
  • Choose the appropriate AWS service based on your data, computing, databases, or security needs.
  • Recognise when to use AWS architectural best practices.
  • Calculate AWS prices and find cost-controlling strategies.

AWS Cloud Architect

Direct connections with engineers and clients are made by AWS Cloud Architect, who also serves as an entry point for stakeholders and technical leadership. The cloud architect provides technical architectures and leads implementation activities to ensure the adoption of new technologies. In India, a cloud solution architect pays an average of Rs. 921,677.

Cloud Developer

The creation of business software applications and solutions falls under the responsibilities of cloud developers. You can apply for several AWS opportunities if you have significant expertise in software development and some familiarity with the AWS platform. You can Join AWS Online Training to obtain an AWS certification that will advance your career as a cloud developer.

In India, a cloud developer or solution engineer makes an average salary of 701,049.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer has experience in network administration, system deployment, and programming. Multiple talents combined with in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the AWS platform can lead to various employment prospects. Your chances of landing an AWS job increase by four if you have certified your abilities in AWS.

According to Payscale, Development Operations (DevOps), Engineers in India make an average salary of $667,182.

Cloud Software Engineer

There is a terrific opportunity to advance your career with Amazon Web Services if you work with Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C++. Your capacity for system/software design, development, and implementation on the AWS platform may increase your chances of landing an AWS employment. So, use AWS certification to demonstrate your software design and development expertise and stand out.

In India, a cloud software engineer makes an average salary of 669,476 rupees.

SysOps Administrator

AWS SysOps Administrators are in charge of setting up, running, and maintaining systems on the AWS platform. As a result, the AWS SysOps administrator certification is a great way to demonstrate your skill in managing and executing production operations on the AWS cloud. Adding an AWS certification to your resume gives you a credential and, in turn, increases your pay potential.

In India, a systems administrator makes an average salary of 399,285 rupees.

By obtaining your AWS Developer Certification, you may realise your full potential as an AWS Developer. To Improve your cloud computing skills, join AWS Training in Bangalore and demonstrate your design expertise.


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