The APP Company – your trusted business opportunity to achieve success as an entrepreneur!

The APP Company (A 'Tech Ventures' initiative) was specially launched for small businesses in India and around the globe. We provide mobile application development solutions for large brands, small businesses and agencies looking to grow and engage their audiences across mobile devices.
"Our goal is to enable businesses interact with their customers in the best manner possible, thus resulting in building relationships, loyalty, repeated business, visibility and connecting with customers on the go."
Our apps are affordable and are priced in such a way keeping every small business in mind. Mobile applications are going to replace websites very soon, and we make it affordable for every business owner.

"India is the third-fastest growing mobile app market in the world, with the U.S and Europe leading. Small business owners have begun to understand the value a mobile app can add to their business"
Why Mobile App:
We live in the age of the smart phone – there’s no doubt about it. In fact, 2015 is considered the year of mobile marketing.
A mobile app can increase revenue, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, social media engagement, visit frequency to your location and can have many other benefits. The opportunities created by apps for small businesses are valuable and extraordinarily cost-effective.
Unlike a desktop that offers multitasking, a mobile application, typically has the full attention of its user and thus offers a much different user experience as well.
Growing leaps and bounds, India presents an opportunity for more app studios to tap the Indian market with experience and innovative approach. There is enough talent available to set up base in India and also to aim for the growing community of users willing to pay or consume apps can be a good strategy to test the waters.

Benefits an app can add to a business:
• Build relationships.
• Build loyalty.
• Reinforce your brand.
• Increase visibility and accessibility.
• Increase sell-through rate.
• Generate repeated business.
• Connect with on-the-go customers.
• Add a 'Cool' factor to your business.
• 80% of mobile times is spent on apps.
• 84% customers saw an increase in their business activities due to mobile apps.
• 64% of affluent app users say they view brands with mobile apps more favourably.
• The number of app downloads in India is expected to grow from 1.56 billion per annum in 2012 to 9 billion by 2015.
• App downloads in India are expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 75-80% till 2015 to about 9 billion from around 1.56 billion currently.
• There are 67 million smartphone subscribers in India, growing at the rate of 52% YoY.
• Indians are the third largest group using Google Play.
Industries we serve:
• Restaurants
• Doctors
• Educations
• Gyms
• Hotels
• Consultancies
• Recruitment firms
• Retail
• Saloon, parlours & spa
• Travel
• Real Estate
• Clubs
• Associations
• Event management companies
• B 2 B businesses
• Music artist
• Popular individuals/Politicians
We are looking to partner with existing industry leaders or anyone who believes in our product, and could help us expand.

Business associates facts:
Option 1:
• Brand Fee: Rs. 25,000.
• Investment (Refundable): Rs. 25,000 (Refunded after 2nd sale)
• Commission : 20%
• Product price range: Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000.
• Break even: 6-7 Sales.
• ROI: 300% +
Option 2:
• Brand Fee: Rs. 50,000.
• Investment (Refundable): Rs. 50,000 (Refunded after 5th sale)
• Commission : 40%
• Product price range: Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000.
• Break even: 6-7 Sales.
• ROI: 300% +
Associate Support:
• Operating manuals to make easy for business associates to understand business
• Business associate training to be done at Vadodara
• Proper field assistance for franchisee
• Benefit of renewable franchise term
Grabbing it now would be your best step taken to secure your future incoming of finances!
Thanks & Regards
Tech Ventures Team
For further information please contact: -
Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
Designation: Consultant
Contact No. 09958248524