KMPLGURU is an innovative product to provide you a business opportunity that will lead you to attain success as a business owner...Read On!

This is a revolutionary breakthrough for fuel saving in four wheelers, three wheelers and two wheelers and that too at very minimal cost (MRP Rs.100 to 200/- only).
Consumer will save 10-20% fuel by investing only Rs. 100 to 200/- per vehicle (once). A consumer spending Rs. 6000/- per month on fuel will save approximately Rs 1200/- per month (Rs. 14400 Per Annum). It amounts to a business opportunity for a vehicle user where he invests Rs. 100 to 200/- and starts earning Rs. 1200 per month (Money saved is money earned).
Person already in a vehicle accessory / spares related industry can be at initial advantage, but not compulsory.
We are a collection of ingenious minds and together we achieve what none of us could alone. Adapting to new challenges, we think about things differently.
The Product:
• KMPLGURU is a label which gets pasted on the speedometer of the vehicle and provides you with the mileage of the vehicle at each speed and suggest right Gear also.
• KMPLGURU is a fully tried and tested product and it saves 10-20% of fuel of the vehicle.
• Patent published, Design registered with Patent office Govt. of India. No competition as on today.
• connect to kmplguru for product photographs, Product Manuals and other details.
Franchise/Dealership Facts:
• Area Required: 100 sq ft.
• Investment: Rs. 50,000 onwards.
• Franchise/Brand Fee: NIL
• Royalty/Commission: 40-50% per piece
Franchise Potentials:
• Average number of vehicles in each district of India- 5 lakh
• Approximate turnover of product to you- 5lakh * Rs100 - Rs5 crores
• Approximate profit to you- 60% of 5 crore- Rs3 crores
Great Reasons to Partner with KMPLGURU:
• Zero franchisee fee for lifetime.
• Very low investment with assured returns.
• Operating manuals and cd for better understanding
• Payback period less than a month
• A profitable business opportunity for all.
• Excellent opportunity for people who have an ambition to be an entrepreneur.
• Innovative and customer oriented.
If you are interested in the automotive business, do contact.
Opportunity in growing industry is available; connect now to climb the ladder of success!
Step 1- Interested person (applicant) will send his name, address and other details.
Step 2- Applicant will send Rs. 500/- and gets 10 sample pieces to judge product qualities and business potential of the product in his area.
Step 3- Applicant will places order for material amounting at least Rs 10,000/-
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For further information please contact: -
Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
Designation: Consultant
Contact No. 09958248524