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The product of a new generation of water based puncture proof sealants, environmentally friendly. It reduces and prevents the #1 danger: loss of pressure in tyres. Puncture Block prevents and protects from punctures, throughout the entire lifespan of the tyre.
Consequently, Puncture Block increases the lifespan of the tyre and reduces your fuel consumption while letting you drive without worry. Puncture Block is injected easily through the tyre valve. Once the product has completely spread over the entire inner surface of the treads, you won't have to worry about them anymore.
Puncture Block stays liquid, protects the rubber, and does not alter the rims in any way. Puncture Block guarantees protection for the treads of tube or tubeless tyres. Puncture Block was tested Technology.
A tyre containing Puncture Block Sealants, punctured in 3 places, was subjected to a simulated 50,000 km on the road at 100 km/hrs. At the end of the test, Puncture Block had perfectly fulfilled its role as a puncture proofing sealant, as no loss of pressure was observed.
Puncture Block Advantages:
• Maintains air pressure in the tyre, extending tyre life, improving fuel mileage and saving you money
• Improves safety, economy and drivability
• Guards against punctures, flats and blow outs
• Seals punctures up to 68 mm
• Quick and easy to use
• Actually increases retread ability and helps eliminate tread separation.
• Packing Available in 450ml , 900 ml , 10 Litre and 20 Litre
Support & Benefits:
• Detailed operating manuals
• Field assistance
• Expert guidance
• Advantage of lifetime franchise term
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