We are one of the front runners in revolutionizing the communication connecting the business audience through multi touch technologies.
We help you in this next level transition of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Now, you can interact through physical objects, transact with all kinds of digital content taking your customer experience to new heights.
Our solutions are tailor made and in line with your vertical. Our Solutions help businesses take holistic view of the customer experience and create new methods / ways of engagement. Not just a snapshot of the customer, but customer engagement that improves with every interaction helping businesses understand the customer not just as segments or targets but as actual individuals.
Share or Disseminate information - Whether at the point of sale or point of interest - trade shows, in showrooms, reception areas or customer service centers; simply induce interactive product presentations, sales meetings or networking - Not only to interact but also intact with the information seamlessly
We develop, in consultation with your application scenario, the appropriate solution. Let us know you specific needs are, the creative possibilities are endless. Our global network of partners and our technology foray enable us to offer solutions with more advanced and apt hardware giving the real touch of NexGen customer experiences.

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Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
Designation: Consultant
Contact No. 09958248524