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KSS Ltd. (formerly known as K Sera Sera Ltd.) was incorporated in September 1995, is headquartered in Mumbai and is a public listed company, currently listed on BSE, NSE and the Luxembourg Stock Exchanges.
Starting off as a major player in the production and distribution of films in India, KSS has produced and distributed over 100 films, and produced over a dozen movies; some of where been major blockbusters.
KSS as it is fondly know focuses on the film entertainment business, with its three business entities, each taking care of digital cinema rollout, building of miniplex cinema screens and alternative content programming in cinema theatres.
KSS offers exhibitors a complete solution package comprising software, hardware, content delivery and support.
About KSS Miniplex Ltd.:
• KSS Miniplex has conceptualized, designed and built the country’s first ‘Miniplex’
• KSS Miniplex, a division of KSS Ltd, was set up in 2010, with the objective of offering consultancy services in the area of defining the miniplex business model, planning, set-up, screening, operations and marketing.
• The scope of services also covers assistance in revenue generation from the Box Office, F&B, education and in-cinema advertising.
• The dual focus areas of this endeavour would be the entertainment and education spaces, which would maximize utilization of the infrastructure.
• In the education space, K Kampus – a division of KSS will use miniplex theatres for imparting higher-level education to students via satellite.
• The division plans to establish 500 miniplex theatres focusing on Tier 2 and 3 cities and district headquarters, where there are fewer choices for entertainment and education.
• These theatres will be located in approximately 527 district headquarters, across the length and breadth of India.
What you get?
• Field assistance
• Ongoing support
• Proven business model
• Brand name advantage
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KSS Ltd. Team
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