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• Who we are: -

Bizzway Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a team of dedicated and experienced business consultants. BCS Group offers a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs. This includes; business and marketing plan preparation, financial search and procurement, IT consulting services, management development, human resources advising, and etc. BCS will have a focus on start-up businesses, preferably in the earlier stages of operation. Small and mid-sized businesses make up a sizable majority of India and international markets. BCS prefers to establish a relationship with a younger operation and continue to nurture that relationship over the long term.

• Our Mission: -

In India, more than 90% of new-startups face huge difficulty to establish their businesses due to lack of proper knowledge and expert guidelines. Business is the game of knowledge only. Money plays secondary factor. If you hold sound knowledge prior to start your business then no one can stop your way. Our aim is to help those persons who want to start their new business in any budget but don’t have proper information and guidelines. We suggest them to start, we motivate them to grow and we provide information which can help them to establish their business in very quick time with 100% accuracy.

• Our Services: -

1. We can provide our Consultancy to start more than 2000 businesses in the investment from 10k to 100Cr. We provide our clients exclusive project report which consists complete Step by Step guidelines to start business, Details of getting customers through online and offline marketing, Huge database of probable customers, Database of Cheapest Machines and Raw Materials Dealers, Marketing Catalogues, Govt. Rules and Regulations information, Technical Information etc.
2. We also provide other Brands Franchise Consultancy in all Investments according to the needs of our clients.
3. We provide Business Growth help to those persons who want to take tips and advice from us to grow their existing businesses.
4. We do Company Registrations and Auditing related services.
5. We do Web Designing, Software Development and Online Promotions related services.
6. Last but not the least we provide Manpower to Corporate Houses as a HR Consultant.

• What you have to do: -

As a Business Partner you have to handle our business at your location. Company will provide you training that how you have to attend clients, First of all you have to open a small office at your location to work with us. You can open office anywhere in your city but not at home. Office must have 03 chairs and one table. 03 holdings are required, 01 for external and 03 for internal use. You can take this office on rent. Then you have to promote our business in your city to invite clients at your office. This is very easy. You may use various online portals like Quikr, Olx or Facebook for online marketing. This will cost you around Rs. 500/- to Rs. 2000/- only to get more than 100 clients leads per month. If you know how to advertise then it’s good, you can do this with your own, but if you want any assistance from this side then Company can do this work for you in the initial stage of your business.

Once client come to your office to meet you, you have to show them our Services Catalogues which will be provided to you by Company. They may ask you to show different options of business in their particular budget i.e. Rs. 1 Lakh. You may provide brief detailing of those businesses which can be started in Rs. 1 Lakh. Company will provide you all details and catalogues of all business options according to budget. You may take immediate assistance by Company anytime by calling on our Customer Care Number 24x7 for this.

Then once they want to start any business as prescribed by us, then you have to collect our Consultancy Fees from them in advance and inform Company about the same. After your confirmation Company will create exclusive business project for that client and deliver you the soft copy within 01 week. Finally you have to take the Print-out that Project Report for delivery to respective client.

• Future with us: -

We are offering our Partnership Proposal for the period of 03 years. Just send us your ID Proof and we will send you Franchise Agreement. You will get flat 50% profit margin by Company. Payment will be transferred to your account immediately after receiving it from client. Our Profit slabs for our Product and Services are as follows: -
1. Rs. 10,000/- for Independent Business Projects.
2. We also take 25% Profit Sharing on annual earning our Client who started business with our help for the period of minimum three years.
3. Rs. 20,000/- for Franchise related services.
4. Rs. 10,000/- for Business Growth Help.
5. Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 10,000/- for Company Registrations.
6. Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 10,000/- for Web Designing and Promotions.
7. Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- for HR Consultancy Services.

You will get 50% of above earnings, which Company will earn with your help from your location. In this Business, you can earn as much as you want. Clients has no limits, all peoples in India want to have some side earning opportunities whether they are Service Base, Unemployed, Businessmen or Housewives. We have an idea for each and everyone. It only depends on your initiatives which you would take to accelerate our pace at your location. Just 01 or 02 hours work is required only to start this Business.