Habib Animatos Pvt. Ltd. - a name known for India’s First ever Modular robots for school students!

Habib Animatos Pvt. Ltd., a Pune based company has launched India’s First ever Modular robots for school students in the age group of 8 yrs. to 18 yrs through its IndiaFIRST™ Robotics Academy. These Wildfire Series robots are technically and scientifically advanced robots with excellent capabilities. School students can easily program these robots with specially designed graphical block programming software.
The three variants of Wildfire Series robots are called as IGNITE, FLAME and BLAZE.IndiaFIRST™ Robotics is an integral part of PTC® STEM Academy where students are inspired to become Engineers. Our Business model is the most UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE business opportunity available in India today.
Under the PTC® STEM Academy program, every student is provided with free license copy of PTC software, Creo 2.0 which is worth $3500.00 commercially. Several world class products like Nike Shoes, Rolex Watches, Airbus 380, and Boeing 737 have been designed and developed using PTC’s award winning software Creo 2.0. Our students learn designing of various products like car, motorcycle, rocket and airplane using engineering concepts and Creo 2.0.
Hence, our program helps students to thinking and act like an engineer while being in school. Students shall design user friendly robots using Creo 2.0 and then further assemble the robots using the appropriate Wildfire series robot kit. It has been observed that students takes keen interest in robotics as a subject and when it comes to creativity and innovative thinking, our Wildfire series robotics kits helps them to bring their ideas in to reality.
We have been implementing Robotics and STEM Education in about 110 schools in Maharashtra to initiate our IndiaFIRST™ robotics program. We are also exporting the Wildfire Series Robots to Libya, Jordan, Kuwait and Dubai.
Business Avenues for Revenue Generation:
• Seminar and Workshops for School as well as open market students
• In-house Training programs
• School Participated Training Programs
• Setting up Robotics Lab in Schools
• Finding Sponsors from Corporate
• Holding Robotics Club Competition in Local Area
• Participating in our National Level Robotics Competition
• Participating in our associated International Level Competition
• Sales of Robots to individual customers
• Conducting Robotics Shows in association with Rotary, Lions and Local Clubs
• Participating in Government Sponsored programs
• Participating in NGO sponsored programs
• Innovative thinking will help you generate more business from additional sources

For further information please contact: -
Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
Designation: Consultant
Contact No. 09958248524