FLYBOYS - a very unique business opportunity with minimum competition!

We cover all your industrial, commercial and civil construction photography needs including site photography, aerial photography and corporate portraits. Flyboys are aerial, industrial and commercial photography specialists. Promotional, Cultural, Musical, Newsworthy!!
Make the most of the moment, drop your client’s jaws, and record the scale, the engagement and the spectacle that is your event. The Flyboys team will work with you to create shot lists, story boards and capture the narrative of your event. We will work together to plan dedicated flight zones to ensure a safe and spectacular day, weekend or entire festival. Industrial and Real estate Photography:
• ARCHITECTURAL - There stands your finished project. We have the equipment, the pilots and the creative team to help you get the shots you have always wanted.
• Capture the details, the form and the texture of your design. Communicate with a real sense of intimacy, as our airborne cameras get closer than anyone else.
• REAL ESTATE - How many High Value properties are advertised without communicating their full potential:
• Let the Flyboys team put together an amazing video for your next high value property. We can capture the all-important ‘location’ of a property in one graceful sweep.
• We can storyboard, produce, film and deliver a sales tool without equal.
• HOTELS + RESORTS - Make the most of the assets you have at your disposal. Let the team at Flyboys show your potential guests what you have to offer.
• We can arrange talent, storyboards and post production all while capturing your Hotel or Resort from a perspective never before seen. Together we can create an irresistible snapshot of the best you have to offer. Aerial Photography - Our passion at Flyboys UAV is to deliver amazing content to our clients. We can provide our clients with cutting edge Aerial Photography and Cinematography, traditional ground based Photography and Cinematography with the best results coming from the combination of the two.
Our team has the years of flying, shooting and post-production experience, ready to deploy for your next project.

Franchisee Benefits:
• Expert guidance in setting up franchise
• Detailed operating manuals
• Advantage of lifetime franchise term
• Marketing & Advertisement support
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Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
Designation: Consultant
Contact No. 09958248524