FAIMS Concepts Private Limited - Carbonated Soft Drink manufacturer wants dealer & distributors!

FAIMS Concepts Private Limited is Creating demand in Carbonated Soft Drink segment for Indians in the Domestic & Overseas market. FAIMS is new & young organisation with desire to establish in market and create a niche for our products in days to come. India is a consumers market and has always appreciated quality products. In the current environment where ‘Made by INDIA’ is the mantra by the government for encouraging Indian Companies to set forward and take the lead, FAIMS chose to step into ‘Carbonated Soft Drinks’ industry and initiate its run for successful growth from here onwards. The Company has launched 3 products in our portfolio to cater to the markets of Mumbai & Around at the initial stages and plans to grow across the country.
The product flavours:
• Cola Drink (CHILL THRILL)
• Lemon flavoured drink (MINTII LIMONN)
• Orange flavoured drink (SANTARAA)
We take pride as these beverages will be produced and distributed by Indians, for Indians in India and very soon globally as well.
We plan to have many other unique and different flavours which will be launched by us in years to come and will help us create a portfolio of beverages which the consumers will enjoy and relish. This will be our endeavour to enhance and ensure that consumers continue to get the best value for their taste.
Support & Benefits:
• Marketing assistance
• Advertisement support
• Expert guidance
• On-field assistance
Join the leading name and be your own boss to reap good ROI!
FAIMS Concepts Private Limited Team

For further information please contact: -
Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
Designation: Consultant
Contact No. 09958248524