Join The Revolution in changing the lives of millions of children by becoming a School Cinema Franchise...Read On!

The reality of how our children are growing up today is very different from what it used to be.
• Bubbly and friendly 7 year old Neha has suddenly developed fear for adults
• Aadit, a 6 year old gets whatever he asks for and has never learnt to share
• 14 year old Riyaz ran away from home
• Manav, all of 8, refuses to go out and play with other kids
• Rahul, a regular 9 year old, has started using abusive language
• Hina, a teenager next door spends all night chatting with strangers online
• 16 year old Veer tried to commit suicide
Do any of these sound familiar?
There are untold numbers of children who exhibit these and more behaviors due to a host of issues that they face. Stress, fear, peer pressure, bullying, classroom violence have all taken over our children and they have more to deal with than our earlier generations ever did. To address these lacunae and to reach out a helping hand, School Cinema was created.
"School CInema is a learning module on life skills, values and attitude, developed through research and taught using short films and thought provoking workbooks".
School Cinema is a research based program which helps influence young minds in schools to make better choices for themselves as young adults, ensuring that they grow into confident and responsible individuals. It benefits parents and teachers in understanding child psychology and also helps address day to day challenges.
It is one of the initiatives of EduMedia, an organisation which is constantly creating progressive avenues to bring about a positive change in the education segment. School Cinema has won three President's National Award in last three years and the movies of School Cinema have been screened in more than 70 International & National Film Festivas.
• Salient Features:
• Utilizes Cinema’s power of storytelling, emotional connect and visual appeal
• Addresses real life challenges in an engaging and effective manner
• Class-appropriate modules with relevant themes
• ‘My Cinema Book’ enables 3 levels of learning – Awareness, Understanding and Action
• Evaluation of life-skills, values and attitudes through the Comprehensive & Continuous Evaluation method
• Effective tool for developing parenting skills and empowering teachers
Franchise Prerequisite:
• Passionate about progessive educational avenues for Children.
• Person having experience in education and training business will be preferred.
• Individuals having an entrepreneurial streak and sees this as an opportunity to set up a long term business.
• Individual capable of investing Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2lac for business start-up
• Individual with zeal to become successful and develop future of the country.
Franchisor Support:
• Marketing of School Cinema in the assigned franchise territory.
• Marketing Collaterals including the visiting cards are also provided by the Company.
• A detailed Franchise Training will be conducted at Mumbai
• On field support as required by the Franchise
• Lead Generation - National Level Educational Conferences and Local Level Meets including Launch of School Cinema
• IT and Supply Chain Management Support.
Key Attraction for School Cinema Franchise:
• Minimum Investment for Franchise. No security deposit is required.
• No requirement for any retail infrastructure.
• Proven ROI and Breakeven within the 1st year.
• A source of incremental and recurring income for life time.
• Established brand name in School segment with an expertise of 18years in life skills.
• Most importantly, an impactful concept - Changing the life of many children across India.
Be our partner in changing the life of millions of children and the future of our country.
We believe We Can, Do You Have It In You?
Thanks & Regards
School Cinema Team

For further information please contact: -
Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
Designation: Consultant
Contact No. 09958248524