Add Expert International Brand Looking For Country Franchise In India!

Add Expert Advertisement & Media Services Inc. is World's fastest growing Expert Indoor and Outdoor advertising media Brand with Seamless network, customized offerings and prompt & effective deliveries of advertisement. With a motto of serving every business and individual need, the Brand constantly strives to reach the expectations of all customers. Add Expert Advertisement & Media Services Inc. is young Indoor and Outdoor advertising media Brand in World which has been in business for over 45 years.
Dachfenster Media Services at a Glance
Dachfenster Media Services is one of the fastest growing companies in India, covering both domestic and International locations. Dachfenster Media Services was Established in the year 1984 under the visionary and able leadership of Mr. Sh.Kamlesh Anandbhai Patel, the company, in its first year of operations in India, will have to established a robust delivery network to cater to, both Domestic and International markets. Head Quartered at Kolkata, the company is equipped with young and efficient team, which constantly work towards offering unmatched and high quality service, with cost effective and tailor made solutions for every business and individual requirement.
Why Add Expert International Brand:
Offerings Attributes of Add Expert that have made it the preferred brand among the customers. Outdoor and indoor Advertising industry in India is growing significantly today.
From conventional to the most contemporary tools & technologies and techniques, Indian outdoor & indoor advertising companies have been able to take the advertising messages to the audience on the move and in transit.
Add Expert’s outdoor & indoor advertising on billboards & TV, paper, and other opportunities are mushrooming everywhere in the cities, towns and even villages of India and other country.
• Add Expert Advertise provides broad coverage and targeted market reach.
• Point to point Expert distribution of advertisement by many types of media.
• 24/7 online information system for the customers to know the status of the advertisement.
• SMS and E-mail advertisement for the customers.
• Television and internet advertisement for the customers.
• Hoardings and Billboards advertisement for the customers.
• Print and Radio advertisement for the customers.
• Round the clock customer care service to handle queries.
• Target premium category audience and decision makers.
• Execute launch of new product/ brand to capture huge eyeballs at fraction of the cost.
• Create highly effective format for buzz marketing.
• Be innovative & interactive.
• Connect across your target audience, across demographics.
• Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 30 days a month, add expert generates repeated exposure, delivering your message over and over again.
• Add Expert can be placed in locations reaching everyone transiting through your specific market area.
• Capable of handling big billboards and hoardings at any given point of time.
• A fool proof and reliable service ensuring quick service with efficiency.
• Add Expert is BIG, BOLD & COLOURFUL. It’s always there and always visible!
• Billboards / Hoardings Advertisement
• Sports & Event Marketing & Public Shows Advertisement
• Transit Media Advertisement
• Television & Radio & online Advertisement
• News Paper & Magazine Advertisement
Association with Add Expert International Brand:
Add Expert will have to create an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, Individuals, landlord, builders and businessmen to get associated with itself in the form of Franchise.
The interested and prospect franchisee will be inducted into the Add Expert family as an active business partner, who becomes a major contributor to the company’s growth.
The various options of association with Add Expert are as follows:
• Country Franchise (Country Wise)
• State Franchisee (State Hub Franchise)
• Master Hub Franchisee (Division hub -zone area)
• Corporate Franchisee (Any One Market Area)
• District franchise (District one pin code or 5 to 10 KM area)
• Booking Counter Franchisee (Any Shopkeeper)
• Super Franchise (Any Landlord, Builder, or Owner of any land)
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Dachfenster Media Pvt Ltd Team
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Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
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