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Brain Checker Techno Services (India) is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2007 CertifiedEnterprise with over 7 years of experience in Career Counseling. We are currently working with over 28+ International Schools, 140+ Franchises & 32 Exclusive District Franchises in India. Our Report Management Systems are completely online & offer the Franchise paper-less assistance & seem less support 24x7x365.
Our Holistic Report, prepared for each child encompassed a 32 Page Detailed Analysis of the Child's Inert Abilities & Recommended Career Options which provides a through point by point evaluation of the child's core Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Potential.
The concept of DMIT which essentially stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is an amalgamation of two concepts. Dermatoglyphics (The Study of Fingerprints) as coined by Dr. Harold Cummins & Multiple Intelligence as coined by Dr. Howard Gardner.
The basic premise for undergoing this test is simple: " Everyone has 8 inert intelligences in varying degrees, while some display an extremely high logic others may display an extremely good interpersonal skills"; having an IQ Test evaluate our Child's core potential is purely evaluating one's child on just 1/8th of his or her available intelligences. Brain Checker DMIT Test conducts and holistic evaluation of a child or an adult on 8 parameter's using the non-manipulative technique of evaluating finger prints!
Why should one undertake this Test?
• Over 80% of Indian students end up making career choices they regret later.
• Over 1 Lakh Indian students commit suicide each year due to academic or related pressures.
• "Academics" is not the only gateway to success!
• In India, less than 10% students undergo any type of career counseling before choosing a career
• Almost, 100% Market is untapped offering huge business potential.
Why take up a Brain Checker Exclusive District Franchise?
• Lowest Investment in the Education Sector to become a Exclusive District Franchise
• Keep 95% of Profits, ZERO-Sharing with Brain Checker!
• ERP & Management Software Support 24x7
• Training by PhD Subject Matter Experts!
• Lowest Annual Service Charge to keep leveraging the Brand!
• Support Team of 50+ Employees
• Freedom to appoint your own Franchises....and much more!
Brain Checker offers you a RISK-Free Education Business which caters to KG-to-PG Segment and has immense scope in India.
What's more, we also offer Exclusive Rights of a Region, to know more about our Business Plan & the Benefits; please fill up the enquiry form & we shall get back to you within 24 hours!
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