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"ASHOK RAJ IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED" - The Principal manufacturer and supplier in U.S.A offer a complete line of tire sealants products for your commercial and all tire needs. They have been in the tire sealant, rim conditioner and tire balancer business over 20 years, and back all its products fully.
They have backed this with R&D using research chemists and outside testing labs and tested all our formulas in 100-psi 212°F chambers to see how they hold up in the tough world of commercial s, and only when they pass there do we bring them to the field.
Add real world experience in the field, and you have a solid set of tire sealants formulations that WORK! The primary objective is to help our customers maintain their equipment and keep it operating. We understand that downtime can be extremely expensive. SEELIN is one solution for punctures in all types of Tyres such as Two-Wheelers, Car, Auto, Van, Lorry, Truck, Bus etc., subject to certain conditions.
• SEELIN-TL - will seal punctures in all kinds of vehicles with tubeless Tyres.
• SEELIN-TTM - Will seal punctures in with tube for motor cycles.
• SEELIN-TTC - Will seal punctures in with tube for car, van, Auto etc.
• SEELIN-TTH - Will seal punctures in with tube for all kinds of Heavy vehicles such as Lorry, Bus, trucks etc.
Franchise Facts:
• Investment: Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2lac
• Royalty/Commission: 40%
Benefits of using SEELIN:
• Prevents breakdown on road due to punctures.
• Improve fuel economy.
• Reduces operating and maintenance cost.
• Helps to reduce pollution.
• Non-flammable and no inflammable.
• Extends life of Tyres.
Just grab this opportunity by contacting us and enjoy lucrative returns on investment.
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Mr. Akash Deep Sinha
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